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Undercover Art - Smitten Kitten

Undercover Art - Smitten Kitten

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We all know kitties can be sneaky, so it should be no surprise that the felines in this color activity set are hiding something. As your little one uses their markers to color in each cute illustration, they’ll discover that within every coloring card is a hidden pattern. As they fill in the picture, they’ll reveal patterns on the page! Coloring activities for kids are great for rainy afternoons or when you’re on the go, and this one will keep them engaged as they slowly draw out every pattern!

  • Coloring activity set includes 12 illustrations
  • Each illustration features a kitten theme
  • To reveal the hidden patterns, color in the illustration with marker
  • Consider using OOLY markers like Big Bright Brush or Color Together
  • Suitable for ages 6 and up
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