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Undercover Art - Rainforest Fun

Undercover Art - Rainforest Fun

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Everyone loves a mystery and the only way your child can reveal the secrets of this rainforest is by coloring! This fun coloring activity features different hidden patterns within each illustration. As your little one fills in each coloring card with a marker, they’ll reveal patterns within the image! This coloring activity set is a creative gift for any kid, and features animals from the rainforest. Each cute coloring card features a different illustration, whether it’s a dolphin saying hello to a snake, or a lizard having a snack!

  • Coloring activity set includes 12 illustrations
  • Each illustration features a rainforest animal theme
  • To reveal the hidden patterns, color in the illustration with marker
  • Consider using OOLY markers like Big Bright Brush or Color Together
  • Suitable for ages 6 and up
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